Delete POF Account

How to Delete Your POF Account

  1. Go to
  2. Log In to your account.
  3. And now simply click on the deletion link:

You can also hide your profile instead if deleting it if you just want to take a short break from dating, unless you’ve found someone that you consider the love of your life, if not, then you should try this option instead because you won’t lose all your information and photos. However, if you actually edit your profile and hide it instead of permanently deleting it, you will be removed from all bars of images and searches around

But if you are leaving the site because you found someone, don’t forget that the owners of the site advise users to complete the Relationship Needs Assessment! form and they will provide you with free information that will tell you what you need in order to make your new relationship succeed, including a list of things you over and under value in your relationships.

Also don’t forget to remove third-party logins, if you signed up for POF with Facebook, Google Plus, Yahoo!, MSN, LinkedIn, or Twitter, then you might consider revoking access to the service in order to disconnect from your other social media accounts.

If you go through every step on the delete page and it still doesn’t work, even after clicking on the “Quit/Delete My Account” button, then the only thing that’s left to do is contact customer service via email at and ask them to please close your account for good. Don’t forget to include your screen name and the URL of your profile page in your email, otherwise, they won’t know who you are.